Credit: Arnold Jerocki / GC Images

Last month, it was reported that Kanye West and his namesake brand, YEEZY, dodged a huge $624,000 USD (or $963,661 AUD) lawsuit after Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. claimed the company did not pay a bill. The victory was short and sweet after new reports suggest that YEEZY is about to face another court battle, this time with a Colorado provider.

According to The Fashion LawColarado-based company Backbone PLC, has claimed the US fashion brand has failed to pay up to $125,500 USD ($193,425 AUD) of fees. The company licenses out management tools allowing brands to oversee the lifecycles of products by providing access to colour libraries, inventory, and design specifications. Other clients include KITH, Outdoor Voices, and Movado.

Taken from a complaint filed in a California state Superior Court in Los Angeles late last week, Backbone alleges that YEEZY failed to pay upwards of $125,200 USD of fees for continued use of the software. It claims YEEZY initially paid the $20,000 implementation fee, an inaugural annual fee of $10,000, and the monthly user fees for 12 months totalling $43,200. After September 2019, it is believed YEEZY stopped paying.

“Despite the repeated requests, as of the date of this complaint, made no payment towards the outstanding invoices.” Backbone is seeking this payment along with “any other and further relief that the court may deem just and proper.”

Stay tuned to learn whether West’s lawyers can get him out of this one too.