Credit: Photos via Vulture and Capital XTRA

After a big Summer of new music from the hip-hop industry, both Kanye West and Childish Gambino have rounded up the season with teases and debuts of brand new music. Following trips to Chicago and New York, this is what we can expect from each artist.

A few days ago, after Kanye West returned to Instagram, the artist and Yeezy designer took to the story platform to tease some new beats. Shortly after, West took a visit to his hometown of Chicago, where he reunited with family, met with the locals and worked on his music. Posting to Instagram, he documented the trip, backed by vocals of his working track. From what can be heard we can expect slow, melodic beats leading up to the unknown release date.

During what could be Childish Gambino’s “last ever tour”, the alter ego to Donald Glover played in New York’s Madison Square Garden, and as a welcomed surprise to fans, dropped several new tracks. Alongside Rae Sremmurd, Gambino performed “All Night” and “Algorhythm”, as well as mysterious third track which can be heard below.

But the questions begs to differ… Could this be the last music we hear from the artist?

There is no further information on either track at the moment, so stay tuned for updates.