Credit: Twitter @kimkardashianwest

What do you get when you put two A-list rappers, one style icon and a funny-man in the same room? An epic bromance, according to this.

Yesterday, Kid Cudi celebrated his 35th birthday and along with long-time bud Kanye West, two unlikely guests joined the party. Shared to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter, photos surfaced of the two rappers joining Beautiful Boy actor Timothée Chalamet and comedian Pete Davidson for the occasion.

It wasn’t the wild bachelor night out you’d normally picture however, with the squad enjoying a few quiet drinks in. And while the connections are not all that obvious, there is an explantation for everything. Chalamet and Cudi have supported each other over social media in the past, with Davidson also once disclosing that Cudi’s Man on the Moon had saved his life.

Only time will tell whether this guy-squad will join forces more often. And the only thing we need to know now is, where do we sign up?