Creator of Japanese film ‘Akira’, Katsuhiro Otomo has collaborated with UNDERCOVER to produce two graphic t-shirts in celebration of animation ‘Isle of Dogs’.

Written, directed and produced by Wes Anderson, the film follows the adventure of a pack of dogs that have been exiled by the Japanese Government. Founder of UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi voiced a character in the film and in turn decided to join forces with the illustrator. Reimagining the characters within the recent film, Otomo applies his distinct art style to create an illustration for the front of a black and white shirt, with UNDERCOVER branding on the back.

Each tee will only be available in a standard M size and will be gifted to those who spend over ¥50,000 JPY or more (approximately $450 USD), in-store at UNDERCOVER’s Roppongi Hills outpost. Get in fast as this design is strictly limited-edition.

ウェス・アンダーソン監督による映画『犬ヶ島』の公開を記念して、本作の世界観をイメージした大友克洋先生のイラストとアンダーカバーのロゴが入ったTシャツを制作しました。非売品となりますが、公開日である5月25日(金)から、UNDERCOVER六本木ヒルズ店限定で、50,000円以上お買い物の方先着でこちらのTシャツ(白か黒のMサイズ)をプレゼント致します。(サイズは選べません。Tシャツは無くなり次第終了です)高橋盾も本作の吹き替えに参加しております。映画の方もぜひご覧ください。 To celebrate the release of Wes Anderson’s "Isle of Dogs”, we made a special t-shirt of the illustration of artist Katsuhiro Otomo, showing his unique take on this movie and our UNDERCOVER logo. On May 25th (Fri) the t-shirt will be available as a gift for those spending ¥50,000 or more at UNDERCOVER Roppongi Hills. The campaign ends when the last t-shirt is given out (white or black size M only). The voice of Jun Takahashi also features in the movie, please go check it out! #犬ヶ島 #Isleofdogs #UNDERCOVER #アンダーカバー @foxsearchlight_jp

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