Credit: Instagram @apc_paris

A quick google search on the Ohio-based rapper and its proof enough that Kid Cudi knows a thing or two about style. Longtime protege of Kanye West and collaborator with the likes of Jay-Z, the 35-year-old has garnered a cult following from around the world and while fans are always waiting for new music drops, the artist has announced something even better.

Teaming up with French ready-to-wear brand A.P.C., the collaborative duo have teased a capsule of threads set to release on Thursday, February 21. It is not an obvious alignment, but according to founder and creative director Jean Touitou, the idea made perfect sense after listening to Kanye West’s new album in January, 2018, featuring Cudder. And from what we can see from the incoming threads, we have to agree.

“After I heard the record, I felt [Kid Cudi] had something extremely strong but fragile at the same time,” he told Complex. “I, myself, happen to be a fragile person. I am fragile even if A.P.C. is strong. So I said, ‘Why don’t I try to reach out to him?’ He tried to reach out to me 10 years ago and I didn’t respond because I had no idea what I could do.”

Now, just over 12 months later and the minimalistic label have revealed a first look at the collection. Taking to Instagram, videos as well as a handful of images have surfaced. Tightly cropped photos depict a red leather jacket – a synonymous silhouette for the brand – embroidered denim and what appears to be fresh white sneakers emblazoned with colourful co-branding. From the campaign videos, knitwear may also have an inclusion in bold colours, not a usual direction for the Parisian label.

“When I met Scott (his real name) for the first time, I immediately knew that we would work well together. I could tell by the respectful intensity in his eyes. I could also see it in the striking contrast between his simple, dignified allure and the surprising presence of a pink tattoo on his right hand, which says ‘PINK’ in capital letters.”

Titled ‘INTERACTION #1’, if anything we can expect more collaborative drops in the near future. For now however, mark your calendars for Feb 21 and stay close to French website for what could very well be a sell-out release.