I’m starting this article with this tweet because it perfectly summarises everything that is wrong in the world on May 31 2018 and sets the tone for the subject of which I’m about to report on.

Yes, Kim Kardashian visited the Whitehouse today and met with President Donald Trump. According to the latter’s Twitter, the pair spoke about prison reform and sentencing. As shocking as that sentence is to type and thus read – Kardashian was a vocal Clinton supporter and because, really, what is the world coming to when a Kardashian is in the Oval Office? – the reality star actually had a not-so-bad reason for her appearance.

Dressed in black wide-legged tailored pants and a black blazer, Kardashian meant business when she urged the President to pardon 63-year-old prisoner Alice Marie Johnson who has spent more than 20 years behind bars. According to U.S. reports, Johnson is serving time in jail for her role in a multimillion-dollar drug ring, one which attempted to import and sell thousands of dollars of cocaine.

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 30: Television personality Kim Kardashian (C) enters the White House grounds on May 30, 2018 in Washington, DC. Kardashian was scheduled to meet with members of the Trump administration during her visit. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

So how exactly did Kardashian get herself into the White House? Glad you asked. Kardashain reportedly asked Ivanka Trump if she could meet with her husband Jared Kushner who is also Trump’s senior advisor and oversees the country’s prison system. As the President was a former reality star himself – and judging by the cheesy grin in the photo he posted – it would appear he was more than happy to meet with Kardashian.

So bizarre.