Kobe Bryant basketball hoop
Credit: Tom Landers/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Following the release of ESPN’s The Last Dance, celebrity-owned merch and memorabilia is a hot commodity nowadays. Someone paid $57,068 USD for a photocopy of Michael Jordan’s first contract. A pair of Michael Jordan’s game-worn Air Jordan 1’s also fetched a whopping $560,000 USD. Even Michael Jordan’s ’96 Mercedes-Benz was up for sale. Now, the late-Kobe Bryant is in the spotlight with his childhood basketball hoop on the auction block.

In recent weeks, Bryant’s childhood home in Pennsylvania wad sold for $810,000 USD. The seller however, has handed over the old basketball rim and backboard to Helen Auction House, after the house buyer wasn’t interested in paying an additional cost for the piece of history, according to TMZ.

Kobe Bryant
Credit: David Wyher and TJ Sokso/Compass

There are currently no value pricing or estimates on the basketball artefact, but considering this is where Bryant’s love of the game stemmed from, we can expect mega fans are willing to pay a hefty figure. In early October, a piece of hardwood where Bryant signed the court following his final game sold for $600,000 USD – naturally.

For those who are willing to go to bidding war, the hoop will go under the hammer on February 20, 2021 during the Heritage Platinum Night Auction. Early bidding will open in the upcoming weeks. We suggest keeping your ear to the ground to ensure you don’t miss out.

Bryant and his daughter died in a tragic helicopter accident over Calabasas bushland in January 2020.