Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2019

Paris Fashion Week Men’s fashion week is fast approaching and one of the most hotly-anticipated runway shows is looming. Since Virgil Abloh‘s appointment as Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Menswear in March, 2018, the designer has steered the sector into millennial, streetwear appeal and in turn the French fashion house has garnered a cult following.

This week, Abloh will unveil Fall/Winter 2020 and those lucky enough to be included on the curated guest list would have received the invitation of the decade. While last season’s invitation was included with a crystal-encrusted white glove – paying homage to Michael Jackson (which evidently turned into a controversial move, months later) – the next invitation is bound to be a collector’s item.

The Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2020 collection is titled ‘Heaven on Earth’, with the invitation described as a “literal piece of time”. Limited to 1,200 pieces, a monochromatic grey wall clock arrives in a specially marked box including the show’s details. The iconic LV monogram replaces where the numbers should be, but according to the designer, the hands move anti-clockwise, also noting, “The clock tho, i re-wired it to spin backwards. there’s also to that metaphor in that but also, as they say “a broke clock is right twice a day…”

The forthcoming collection will be revealed on January 16 at 2:30pm CET (or January 17, 12:30am AEDT). Stay tuned for more.