The deconstructed trend has been taken to the next level with Maison Margiela’s ‘Fusion Sneaker’ for Fall/Winter 2018. Known for its natural deconstruction aesthetic with unfinished hems and panelling on classic pieces, the French fashion house is going OTT on its latest drop.

Just as if it had come out of a pre-schoolers lesson in craft, the chunky silhouette is ‘fused’ together with layers of stitching, duct tape and glue, revealing panels of the original shoe underneath. Featuring a distinctive ‘worn in’ look, there is no need to worry about daily wear and tear – Maison Margiela has done it for you.

If you’re game to give it a go and drop some dough, the Fusion Sneakers are available from the Anrosa store, for €1,125 EUR.