Credit: Bondi Skin Co.

We often joke that men can easily get away with a three-in-one shampoo for all their hair, body and skincare needs and yet they still have better skin than their female counterparts. For some it is true. For best mates and Bondi locals, Dougie Joseph (IMG models), Chris Mushan and Nick Mallett however, their journey to create Bondi Skin Co. begun when the trio found themselves rummaging through their girlfriend’s draws for product to assist with anti-aging.

At the time, they found the men’s skincare market overwhelming. And you know the saying: sometimes you’ve just got to do it yourself.

After 18 months in the making, Dougie, Chris and Nick  established Bondi Skin Co – a simple three-step serum system. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, the new products are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably produced. After a call with the founders, I’m sold. For more on the brand taking the skincare world by storm, read below.

ICON: Can you explain the catalyst moment for creating Bondi Skin Co.?

Dougie: “We wanted to offer men a solution to the problems that we found when we wanted to get into skincare. The problems we found initially was there were men’s skincare brands that existed, but it was almost a bit too overwhelming as someone entering the space as a first time consumer. There were a lot of brands that assumed that as men, we knew what products we needed to be using and why we needed to be using them. For us this wasn’t the case. So we wanted to provide an easy, effective and simple way for men to get into skincare that targeted the key goals which was purely to do with anti-ageing.”

Nick: “I was using my partner’s products. Nearing 30 at the time you do put a larger emphasis on anti-ageing and self-care. That’s why we wanted to come up with the serums because it’s literally a three-step process that takes 60 seconds essentially.”

D: “As Nick said, he started using his partner’s serums and Chris then followed suit. We found how effective these serums were when it came to anti-ageing. Serums are lightweight solutions, lighter than moisturisers and creams, enabling them to penetrate and sink into the skin and using their active ingredients to target the functions they are meant to target and fix the issues that they’re trying to address. We noticed there were very few male skincare brands that were offering serums.”

What was the reaction of your family and friends when you told them about Bondi Skin Co.?

Chris: “When I told my parents they chuckled a little bit when I said I was going to start it with Doug and Nick. I think Mum and Dad having known them throughout our high school life didn’t think that us three would be your typical skin care company founders… Once mum started using [the serums] she completely stopped using her own skin care products.”

D: “Once we started showing our friends and family the samples and they got to use them they were really impressed and since then their support has grown exponentially which is really good.”

N: “I’ve got two older brothers; one is 35 and one is 38. They’ve never used any skincare products in their entire lives. Obviously, they were surprised when we started this company but once they started to use the serums they now can’t get enough of them, can’t believe the results, and that’s really great to see.”

What is it like working alongside your two best friends? Are there any days where you can’t agree?

C: “That’s why there’s three of us. If two of us have a disagreement which is often, we’ve got the third person to placate the other two. We have differing opinions all the time but that’s what makes it work. There’s no one person calling the shots or trying to override other people…”

N: “We all come from different facets of business and work life as well, and we’ve all got different personalities so that blends really well.”

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How do men’s needs differ to that of women when it comes to skincare?

N: “Men and women can use these products. Given the fact that we’ve made a simple three-step process, as a male if you use these three each morning and night this will the best possible and simplest entry product that you can start using in skincare.”

D: “Men typically have thicker skin which is why the serums are so good. They’re so lightweight and have the capacity to enter through the top layer of skin which a lot of heavier, thicker products don’t do. That enables these powerful active ingredients to go deep within your skin and address any issues they’re trying to correct. Men also typically have oilier skin than women so are drawn to products that don’t have a thick greasy finish, and if you try our serums you’ll notice you can barely tell there any product on your face which leaves a nice, unclogged feeling which appeals to a lot of guys.”

Why was it important for you to use 100 percent natural ingredients?

D: “It’s certainly a lot cheaper to go down the synthetic path. We’ve observed a big push toward clean beauty and natural products. There’s a lot of synthetic products that can cause reactions to various skin types. Any skin care product may cause a reaction to someone’s skin but going down the natural path mitigates a lot of that risk. There are environmental factors which come into it too. The whole issue of the negative effect that synthetic ingredients are having on the environment. It was a multifaceted reason which led us to that decision.”

Can we expect more releases in the future?

C: We’ve got a few products on the horizon. The first release will be a moisturiser. We have just launched in the U.S. last Friday so we’re testing the waters over there. We can’t target and appeal to all men, but if a blokey-bloke wants to dip his toes, a moisturiser might be a good entry point. We are also looking at SPF products and SPF moisturiser.”

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