Moncler Genius x Palm Angels at Milan Fashion Week

Pushing the platform of Milan Fashion Week to new lengths, Wednesday saw Moncler Genius transform into a creative hub of contemporary design and new-age technology. Rather than a stretched-out runway presenting its latest collection, the Italian lifestyle brand created an experimental exhibition, inviting designers including Richard Quinn, 1017 ALYX 9SM, Veronica Leoni and Sergio Zambon to showcase their new Moncler lines.

One year after the idea was conceived, Moncler Genius has maintained its motto, “one house, different voices”, and the weaving tunnels presented in Milan this week is a representation of just that. From Palm Angels who splattered paint across coordinating sets, to Moncler 1952 who reworked its Italian heritage contrasted with a futuristic setting, the collections are as unique as they are coherent to the idealisms of the brand.

Moncler Genius x 1952 at Milan Fashion Week

“Moncler Genius is an answer to the times, a symposium of creative minds and an inspiring place. Each Genius operates singularly and the sum of the Geniuses interprets the Moncler identity,” said CEO Remo Ruffini. “Different rooms house different visions, all of them shaping the global Moncler message and the Moncler Genius Building contains them all”.

Promoting different cultures and a vision beyond the borders of season, age and taste, the collections speak to all generations. With this in mind, the consumer-driven initiative will have each collection released singularly through monthly projects, both physical and digital. Promoting access as the highest expression of inclusivity, Moncler will open the Genius Building on February 24 to the general public, allowing everyday creatives to discovered unexplored structures in metropolitan area.

In the meantime, explore the Fashion Week presentation below.