Credit: ILYSM

If you love YEEZY, then you’ll love this new brand, er, so much. Thanks to former YEEZY junior designer, Sara Jaramillo, a new platform dubbed ‘ILYSM’ is ready for release. Self-described as a “non-conventional platform to launch merch and projects,” the progressive brand aims to present a fresh offering of footwear that encapsulates a worldwide view.

For Jaramillo – who has also worked as a Proenza Schouler accessories designer – the first silhouette comes in the form of ‘Alice Wang’: a sustainable tabi-inspired shoe offered at an affordable price point. Set to retail for $99 USD (or approximately $145 AUD), the forthcoming style fuses the infamous sock-cross-sneaker shape with the contemporary sensibilities reminiscent of YEEZY, however with an updated approach. Crafted from sustainable yarn, sourced from a mill that specialises in natural and traceable products, the uppers are created in mind to save 30 percent of waste material over other sneaker models.

Available in white, black and grey colourways, each shoe sees a blend of recycled polyester, viscose and silk to lend not only comfort, but durability, while a merino wool sock liner provides welcomed insulation – this assists in reducing odour and providing support. With a separated toe finishing off the distinctive sneakers, ILYSM also offers white socks to match the same shape.

To cop the next generation of sneakers, the forthcoming brand will launch on December 10, here.