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On a mission to help unf**k the world, one pair of shoes at a time – that is the motto of newly-launched footwear label No Saints. Born in Sydney and made in Portugal, creator Caroline Breure is solving our sneaker woes with an eco-friendly option of classic court sneakers, leaving our kit complete and the conscious clear.

No Saints is the brainchild of Caroline Breure, and on a mission to drive the shift towards a cruelty free world, the Sydney born brand is reworking the way we think of vegan accessories. In a bid to avoid the preconceived notion that the practice lacks quality and style, the label is using innovative technologies to ensure a sustainable practice.

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Handmade in the European country, the sneaker label uses apple leather and pineapple leather in a number of its styles. Named after vegan celebrities who are raising awareness for animal welfare, the shoes look, feel and wear exactly like traditional leather, but without the negative environmental impact of toxic processes including the tanning and preservation of traditional leather.

Apple leather is one of the main elements and is created from apple peels discarded by juicing and compote factories eliminating waste. Pineapple leather also known as Piñatex is made in Spain using pineapple leaf fibres that would otherwise go to waste while aquabase nappa, a high quality synthetic leather using 100 percent recycled polyester, rounds out the sneakers.

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So what’s in the name? “Most people think vegans see themselves as being morally superior and better than everyone else. We want to break that stereotype and show you can be a better human without having to be perfect,” says Caroline.

Available for both men and women, the classic style is available in seven colourways. Scroll below for ICONs picks before shopping the entire collection here.

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