Hovering over the cliffs of the eastern coastline of Australia, is the North Avoca Studio. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it appears impossible that a structure can sit safely – almost defying the law of physics – but is the expertise of Matt Thitchener Architecture that tackles such difficult terrain.

Located on the highest point of a steep, behind a wall of hedging the cubed structure sits on a series of reinforced stilts, serving as a space for meditation, for work, entertainment or simply relaxing. Constructed from dark corrugated cladding, creates a modern-looking building, while the entire unit is powered by solar panels. A wall of glass illuminates the interior with natural light during the day and the front windows also open, creating a balcony that lets in the ocean breeze.

“Positioned behind an existing split-level home, the North Avoca Studio is almost invisible when viewed from the street, receding from visual prominence…This studio project is ambitious both in its response to the site and the technical detail required to achieve its vision within tight site constraints.”

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