News just in: Off-White has officially launched its own genderless fragrance titled “PAPERWORK”. The four-part fragrance collection (or ‘solutions’, as they are named) will also include makeup and nail polish, marking Off-White’s foray into the beauty industry.

The exclusive range of four scents which were, of course, developed by the late Virgil Abloh and a selection of expert perfumers, are a reflection of the late creative director’s design ethos, with a specific focus on industrial manufacturing processes.

What results is a truly unique fragrance you probably haven’t seen before. Each bottle is sculpted in Italy by Bormioli from heavy-weight industrial glass and topped with a grip-like control knob that mimics the handles found on vats in industrial fragrance facilities.

“The “PAPERWORK” fragrance collection explores the notion of fragrance as a statement of self. Four Solutions connect the dots between scent and imagination, taking inspiration from ’90s nostalgia, bougie classics and natural earth elements,” writes Off-White via Instagram.

“PAPERWORK” is designed with a three-pronged approach, per se. Abloh’s vision of the expansion into beauty was to be accompanied by a ‘toolkit’, which would allow for individual interpretations of beauty to be explored. First, the olfactive. Next, “IMPRINT”, which will feature six condensed, rolled pigment sticks in primary colours that glide on when they come into contact with the skin. Then, “TEMPLATE”, representing a collection of stencils to “tag up” the face and body. And lastly, “COLOR MATTER”, a range of six nail polishes in innovative finishes.

As for scents that you can expect from the four solutions… Solution No. 1, guided by perfumer Alexis Dadier, offers woody notes inspired by the texture and aroma of sand. Solution 2, by Jérome Epinette, features fresh citrus top notes with a smoky vetiver base. Solution 3, by Sidonie Lancesseur, is brimming with notes of pink peppercorn, rose and amber, creating a musky-floral sensation. Solution 4, by Epinette, is a herbal cocktail mix of eucalyptus and lavender which are offset by a leather base.

“Another canvas, another surface for human expression,” – Virgil Abloh

The four Solutions are available exclusively from the Off-White website and Farfetch. In the coming months, you can expect to see the three additional launches from Off-White: “Imprint,” “Template,” and “Color Matter”.