Credit: Jaguar Land Rover

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving or simply being a passenger in Land Rover’s luxury Range Rover Evoque, its possible you’ve been easily won over. Marketed towards the younger generation – millennials focussed on looks, technology and sustainability – the all new, second generation model was revealed last week in London, sporting new gadgets and innovative technology.

Known for its compact body, the Land Rover’s DNA is found widely throughout the latest Evoque, but with several updates. The exterior remains the same but just a touch longer, meaning more legroom. Inside, the 2020 model boasts two HD touch screens equipped with Apple CarPlay and 4G Wi-Fi, the rear-view mirror has been digitalised as a HD monitor for the rear camera and also includes modern-day essentials such as adaptive cruise control with steering assist, all-terrain progress control, heads-up display, and all-over cameras for full awareness.

Under the bonnet, the new car is the first “mild-hybrid” for Land Rover. Making starting and stopping more efficient, the Evoque uses a 48-volt battery that stores energy when braking and is used to give the engine a 50 horsepower boost when accelerating – adding to its 296 horsepower. With an Ingenium four-cylinder gas engine, nine-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel-drive, the car is not only more kind to the environment, but smart.

Adding to its long list of impressive features, it is said that 53 plastic bottles go into every vehicle upholstered in a textile made from recycled polyester microfibres, with much of the interior created from eucalyptus, wool and recycled plastics.

Pricing is set to be released from February, 2019. Take a closer look at the new model below and for more information, visit here.