It’s official: Supreme has teamed up with suitcase manufacturer Rimowa to rework the Topas suitcase model, after a post was uploaded to Supreme’s Instagram.

Rimowa, originally founded in 1898 by Paul Morszeck, created wooden and leather suitcases until 1937, when the first aluminium suitcase was developed. In 1950 the vertical stripes of the exterior were added, after imitating the construction of the exterior of commercial aircraft. Until now, it’s been one of the aesthetic characteristics of the brand.

For the collaboration, custom red and black metal versions with the sizes of 45L and 82L suitcases have been created. The Supreme logo emblazons the back and front, while the interior has an internal Flex-Divider packaging system. Combination locks suitable for TSA, Multiwheel ball bearing wheels and telescopic handles that provide maximum functionality.

The indicative prices that are handled go from the $1600 USD for the small one to the $1800 USD for the giant. The collection launched online and in stores in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris on April 12 and in Japan on April 14.