Credit: Via SpyApps

Following a string of Tweets complaining over being logged out of Instagram, it appears that hundreds of users are being hacked right across the world. Reported since the start of August, a group of hackers have begun accessing peoples accounts, logging them off as well as changing the profile avatar to disney characters and changing the bio.

It is suspected that those who were hacked did not have the two-factor authentication feature, but there are reports that they are getting past the additional security measure. When users try and change their passwords, it’s shown that the account has been linked to a Russian domain with a “.ru” email address.

The hackers are not deleting any posts, but is proving difficult for users to regain control of their accounts. Thanks to the complex system Instagram has put in place, its users are required to deal with a string of emails, website visits, dead links and more. Instagram says it hasn’t seen an uptack in hacks, but it looks like that has quickly changed.

“We work hard to provide the Instagram community with a safe and secure experience,” Instagram said in a statement. “When we become aware of an account that has been compromised, we shut off access to the account, and the people who’ve been affected are put through a remediation process so they can reset their password and take other necessary steps to secure their accounts.”

It’s unclear as to the motive behind the Russian hackers, but they have been known to hack social media in the lead up to the US elections.

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