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In a continuous bid to out play the rest, Samsung held its developer conference this week, unveiling the latest innovations and technology. After teasing details of the conference and its prototypes late last week, the South Korean tech group unveiled its first foldable smartphone.

Initially entitled the Infinity Flex Display, rumours have surfaced over a new name – possibly “Galaxy X” or “Galaxy F”. What is a seemingly bizarre design, the Flex Display boasts a 2-in-1 smartphone and tablet, changing at a simple flip. Demonstrated at the conference, when closed the compact model creates a 4.5-inch display and when open, a functional tablet at a comfortable 7.3-inches.

With Google supporting the new android, as well as Android Developers creating apps to seamlessly adapt to the screen, the “multi-active window” will allow three apps to run simultaneously. Many speculate that the phone could be upwards of $1,500 USD after comparing previous Samsung flagship phones and the current price for Royole’s FlexPai.

CNET captured the announcement, giving a first look at the prototype and while it is less than attractive in a bulky body, it is said that the phone will have a modern revamp as the Infinity Flex Display heads towards its launch next year. Stay tuned for more info.

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Take a look at Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone, powered by the Infinity Flex Display. After years of anticipation, Samsung at last showcased a device that transforms from phone to tablet in an instant during #SDC18. Though their demo was brief, we learned a few important things about the device. Its 7.3-inch screen can be folded “hundreds of thousands of times” with a specially-designed version of Android accommodating for running multiple apps simultaneously across the various form factors. Samsung says mass production will begin “in the coming months,” meaning we could get a look at what this device looks like in the wild very soon! Now that you’ve gotten a (brief) glimpse of how it works, what do you think: Are you ready to reimagine the device you use every day? 📱📱

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