Samuel Ross‘s incomparable A-Cold-Wall* collections often read more like an art installation rather than a mere runway presentation and following up from his Spring/Summer 2019 show which saw deconstruction taken to a whole new level, the designer and artist is delving deep into human psychology, presenting a conceptual show based upon human fear.

Titled “BIRTH.ORGAN.SYNTH,” the London Fashion Week Men’s runway was surrounded amongst two shallow, black tanks in which dancers eerily moved through the water whilst models stormed the runway in Fall/Winter 2019 threads. Obelisk mirror structures towered over the space and adding to spooky atmosphere that engulfed guests, a Doberman hound was heard barking against the electronic music. Lightweight outerwear, deconstructed knitwear and utilitarian pieces were once again the main focus for Ross’s designs with accompanying scarves, hats and bags emblazoned with “MODERN*” across them.

Like his previous runways, each creative layer including the lighting served a meaningful purpose.

“The dancers represented suppression and the dark water represented the depths of fear. In order to move forward, which is intrinsic to humanity, one must ascend through the darkness,” the 27-year-old designer said according to Highsnobiety. But towards the end, “They eventually ascend into life,” the designer explained.

Breaking ground through his artistic ventures that come with each runway, the designer continues to garner a wide cult following, with his wearable utilitarian silhouettes, particularly accessories coveted by style enthusiasts.

View the collection below and for more highlights from London Fashion Week Men’s, visit here.