In an increasing demand for agile and multipurpose shelter, founder artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain MacLeod developed and saw through the “Artist Bothy” project. As an outlet for creatives looking for inspiration in the remote corners of Scotland, this is simplistic living done well.

Each cabin has been designed specifically, not only to face the cold weather of Scotland, but also provides a sustainable, functional and attractive home. Built from locally sourced Scottish larch, its timber-lined interior is just 132-square-feet and includes a sleeping loft, for clever use of space. The remainder of the bottom-floor space is initially left open, but can include a kitchenette shelving, benches, and a wood-burning stove, for minimalistic luxury.

Artist Bothy

If required, each Bothy has provisions for running water and electricity as well as a chimney to enable straightforward installation of a wood-burning stove.

If you’re inspired to live the simple life, Artist Bothy is now commercially available. To express your interest, visit here.