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With the release of the latest iPhones from Apple today, the tech company has also dropped its newest software update – so you can make your old phone feel new again. Apple’s iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad has come with a string of fun and smart new features include “Animoji”, a smarter Siri and built-in tape measure (finally), but most notably it comes with fresh security features.

In a bid to protect your personal data from hackers and robbers, Apple has added extra security measures for peace of mind. Thanks to the team at Techcrunch, here are the best new features.

USB Restricted Mode

In short, this first feature prevents other accessories connecting to your Apple devices when plugged in or connected to bluetooth, coming into effect when your phone has been locked for over an hour. This could stop hackers or authorities bypassing lock screens and passcodes.

To enable this, go to Settings, then Touch ID & Passcode (or Face ID settings for iPhone X users). Scroll down to the “USB Accessories are not permitted on the lock” screen, and turn it off.

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Update iOS Automatically

For those who anticipate every software update, you can now have your phone or tablet update automatically. To enable this, go to Settings > General > Software, then Update to turn on automatic updates.

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Even Strong Passcodes

Previous iOS updates have allowed for slightly stronger passcodes each time, but now users are given the option to set a custom code, meaning you can have a code as long as you’d like.

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Next, go to Change Password, and choose set a Custom Numeric Code.

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Simple Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication has been a standard security feature for a while now, but many people tend to shy away from it, due to its complicated nature. Now, Apple has simplified the feature to allow codes to be autofilled.

If you don’t enable it during set up, go to Settings, select your name, and find it under Password & Security. Select the “Turn on Two-Factor Authentication” option and follow the instructions.

Credit: Techcrunch

Monitor and Change Frequently Used Passwords

We’re always told to vary our passwords and while some of us might ignore the advice, Apple can monitor your long list of password protected accounts straight from your iPhone. iOS 12 will audit its owners over its passwords now, acting as a manager that warns you about using the same password for multiple sites. This will prevent hackers from accessing multiple accounts.

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