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Disrupting the traditional twice-yearly approach to seasonal runway shows, 2019 has seen the continuation of ‘Moncler Genius‘ as the Italian lifestyle brand showcases eight unique collaborations. This month, Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara is on display as his collaborative threads are dropped across the world. Making up part of the creative series, “The Next Chapter”, the collaboration was presented via an immersive video installation in Hong Kong, illustrating the creative spirit, intentions and atmosphere of the collection.

Tweaking essential items in subtle ways, Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara has presented an innate knack for taking the generic and creating progressive and forward-thinking designs. This season Fujiwara hid relevant technical features such as extreme lightness and functional packability behind a series of blazers, parkas, shirts and assorted metropolitan basics. Revolving around the theme of the World Tour, the collection draws on both ideas of travel and music, thus fusing different references in seamless ways.

“Moncler Genius is the opportunity to mix different identities into a new one. It allowed me to test solutions and materials I have never used. The result is an unreleased Hiroshi, but it is also an unreleased Moncler”, Hiroshi Fujiwara has said.

Emblazoned across classic outerwear silhouettes including parkas and varsity jackets, Fujiwara’s trademark slogans and graphics are stamped on technical fabrics synonymous with the Moncler name. Showcasing predominately monochromatic looks, the collection is masterfully broken up with bold colour blocking and the interweaving of plaid prints and tonal ensembles. Completing the globetrotting line is a range of futuristic backpacks and shoppers as well a classic footwear.

Born in Isle, Mie and having moved to Tokyo at 18-year-of-age, the designer’s influence of music and Ura-Harajuku fashion has continued throughout his career, and can be clearly seen in this next endeavour.

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