Much to the surprise of many people, the classic canvas sneaker saw its brith in the late 18th century. Crafted from vulcanised rubber and a canvas upper it is said that the U.S. Rubber Company were the first to produce the design which at the time were dubbed ‘Keds’. By the 1920’s, the court sneaker was mass produced and later Marquis Converse produced the first shoe made just for basketball, called Converse All-Stars.

The rest is history really and as the style caught on (pun intended) the designs became more and more whacky, and maybe just maybe, we’ve found our favourite pair to-date. Thanks to Needles, a Japanese streetwear label founded by Keizo Shimizu – owner and director of street wear umbrella company Nepenthes – the canvas sneaker has had a modern update.

Known for its new-age interpretation of classic Japanese silhouettes and much loved styles, the ghillie sneaker is a quick way to elevate a simple look. Featuring a platform-like sole in white rubber, the low-top upper boasts contrast stitching against a purple material and of course splattered paint. As if it was a serendipitous accident with a can of paint, the style is also available in an off-white colourway.

Needles Purple & Pink Paint Asymmetric Ghillie Sneakers / $455 USD SHOP NOW