Credit: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

If you would recall back to 2018, you would have known of the long court battle Supreme New York has faced gaining trademarks across the globe. The battle begun with Supreme Italia, the counterfeit brand that had its sights set for Shanghai where it would legally establish a copy cat brand and brick-and-mortar store. After a major Samsung scandal, the Chinese Trademark Office looked seriously into the company that was ripping off the original New York brand, now, justice has been served.

In June, 2019, Supreme Italia appeared to be fighting a losing battle. Supreme Italia had its trademark for “ITSupremeNow” stripped by the China Trade Mark Office (CTMO) after Supreme New York claimed that the International Business Firm-owned brand was “defrauding Chinese consumers and misleading law enforcement, reporters, and even global companies like Samsung by setting up a copycat retail store.”

On January 21, China granted representatives of Supreme New York precedence over the fake brand, according to WWD. This ensures that only authentic Supreme-branded shoes, clothes and accessories may be sold in China. Supreme Italia’s Shanghai flagship is now permanently closed.

To date, Supreme New York retains 251 trademark registrations in 106 jurisdictions — including America, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Australia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Congratulations, Supreme.