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In the year of 2018, sustainability has been one of the most pressing and discussed issues in society. Unfortunately, fashion is one of the leading causes of pollution across the world and behind that, the production of denim is one of the most wasteful products – using up to 10,000 litres of water to create a single pair.

From growing the cotton, to dyeing the cloth and washing them, its hard to imagine how much water a single brand would consume in a year. By the time 2030 comes around, the climate impact of the apparel industry alone is forecast to nearly match the 2018 total annual US greenhouse gas emissions, emitting 4.9 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, and while they seem like big numbers doing your part can help reverse the damage.

While parting with denim in a bid to stay sustainable seems impossible, fear not as we have quick ways to help the environment, while sporting your favourite cut.


A quick google-search, a few clicks later and its easy to find local and international ethical labels who strive to create sustainable denim that wont compromise on style. Nobody Denim, RE/DONE, G-STAR Raw and Neuw Denim are just a few that offer awesome denim at little or no cost to earth.

Most denim on the market today have been pre-washed, laundry dried, bleached, ripped and softened to give you that aesthetic style you’re looking for, however, that leads to more waste. Dry or raw denim is the opposite and lets you do the wear and tear. Often constructed in popular cuts, dry denim shapes to you and will fade with wear to create unique jeans – how denim should be sold.

You’ve heard this hack before: Freezing your denim will preserve its qualities, kill odour and save water. While it seems like a bizarre concept, Neuw Denim have made it easy and efficient with the release of a custom freezer bag. Chuck in your jeans and leave in the freezer overnight for a waterless cleaning solution.

Additionally, Neuw Denim is also updating its production techniques for an eco-conscious brand. Along with its Better Cotton Initiative, the international brand is utilising “Air Wash”, turning water to oxygen after the wash cycle, leaving no chemical residue and significantly cutting down water wastage.


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