Credit: Julien M. Hekimian / Getty Images

It is safe to say that Takashi Murakami is the epitome of modern Japanese culture. Vibrant, excitable and an all-round wondrous character, the artist has become a celebrated icon for his unique fusion of street art, caricature and overall surrealism. So, if you combined his artwork, style and personality into a shoe, this is what it’d look like according to sneaker head and designer Mr. Bailey.

Paying homage to Murakami’s ‘The Simple Things‘ sculpture first on show in 2008, the Instagram-famous shoe innovator has revealed an exclusive style via the artist himself. Reportedly 100 percent wearable, the sneaker is reminiscent to a cartoon monster. Co-created with Timberland’s Construct:10061 innovation program, when the black bootie is removed from the shoe, it reveals a colourful inner shoe, inspired from the inner work of the original sculpture. Adding wow-factor to the OTT style, the bottom sole is formed with giant teeth while another nod to the artist can be found on the inner tongue – a 3D printed jewel. To finish off, the accompanying box is fitted with its own protruding teeth.

Much to the disappointment of some keen sneaker heads – surely this would be one to add to the collection – only three pairs have been reportedly produced. Considering one pair has been gifted to Murakami, two are left. Our guess is one pair will be handed to his long-time collaborator Pharrell Williams, while the third may be kept by the sneaker genius, Mr. Bailey himself.

Nevertheless, we’ll appreciate the creation.