A whole new meaning to the phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle”, the team at Kraiser Works studio have repurposed a 1955 grain silo into a modern home. Located in Phoenix’s up-and-coming Garfield Historic District, this ‘tiny home’ gives life to luxury minimalism.

Retaining its original facade, the corrugated space has been opened up, using large windows and doors, to flood the area with natural light. Across 340 square metres of living space, the structure comprises of two levels – the ground floor consisting of a kitchen, dining and sitting area, whilst a winding staircase leads to a generous bedroom. Lined with walnut millwork, the space lends a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, a curved sliding door open the space onto an impressive terrace. Surrounded by plants and greenery, as well as a tall fence for privacy, the outdoor space also allows for furniture, giving extra room to the home.

For more information, visit Kraiser Works here.