Credit: The North Face

In celebration of the first Italian edition of The North Face Mountain Festival 2018 in Val San Nicolò, the adventure wear brand has opened a temporary store in the heart of the Dolomites. Sitting at approximately 2,100 meters high (or just under 7,000 feet), The North Face store will auction off eight key pieces with a special connection to the brand.

Open until August 5, the pop-up is only accessible by foot, with a two hour bike ride to reach the altitude, also providing a place for passerby’s to rest and revive. The collection will include selected pieces used by extraordinary athletes on the occasion of major sports enterprises. For example, the down jacket worn by Alex Honnold in Antartica, worn by Tamara Lunger in an attempt to climb the Nanga Parbat or the first ascent of Hervé Barmasse on the west face of Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia.

Each unique piece comes with a passage from the climber who owned it, detailing their story and the travels they went on with the item.

Can’t make it to Italy? Each jacket is currently up for auction, set to close on August 5, with all proceeds will go to mountaineering charities. Visit The North Face to place your bid.