Jarvis Aivali and Duckie Thot. Image: Sonny Vandevelde.

Last week The Iconic hosted their annual runway show – their sixth to date – featuring the future of fashion. Dubbed Runway X, the evening mixing talent, technology and trends into a prescient collection that predicts the way we’ll not only be shopping but also consuming culture. An NFT, made in partnership with Bianca Beers, was revealed and went to auction and among the models to take the floor was TikTok star Jarvis Aivali.

What Instagram did for Millenials, TikTok has done for the Aivali’s generation. Just perhaps with a little less filter. Courtesy of the platform, a the world has been granted access to a whole new generation of content creators, including our recent cover star Noah Beck. The 22-year-old Aivali has an international sensation through his videos that document his evolving style, something he began at the start of the pandemic when the would-be tradie was forced to put the tools away during lockdown.

Behind the scenes of The Iconic Runway X. Image: Sonny Vandevelde.

Since then, Aivali has amassed an enormous online following for his eclectic approach to style. ICON caught up with the influencer after his appearance on The Iconic’s Runway X about his career and how he found success in the fashion industry.

ICON: Do you remember the first viral TikTok you created? What was the outfit you put together?

Jarvis Aivali: The first big viral TikTok I made in regards to fashion was a video I did changing into 5 different outfits, so technically there wasn’t just one there was 5 and it was kind of a changing into outfits and walking with them slow mo kind of runway, very similar to what we are doing today except I have 4 outfits in RUNWAY X instead of 5.

ICON: In just two years since your first TikTok your look has undergone something of a revolution – not just the hair, but the manner in which you put clothes together. Is this current look, which is so referential, something you’ve always had hidden away or has it been something you’ve grown into?

Jarvis: I think it is something that continuously evolves and fashion trends are always changing. I think I am going through a bit of a change now, I was known for my 70s vibe which I still love, and will continue to love but now I am leaning a bit more towards a more grungy, 90s type look darker, where darker as before I would go florals, but now I am going more dark, grey tones. Forever change is the best thing.


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ICON: On that note – growing out your hair. How much patience – and perseverance – has that required?

Jarvis: To be honest, it was during COVID. I hadn’t had a haircut in about a year and a half and by then it was already at a length that I was very comfortable with to be honest. It grows and then I cut it back to where it was, now it is just about maintaining my hair using products. I use a volumising shampoo + conditioner, I use to use oils, I need to get back into that.

ICON: Did you work with The Iconic team to develop the looks you would wear on their runway?

Jarvis: Not really, I think when it comes to runway, I am always happy for the brand to have their say as it’s their own presentation to show their art and style, so I am happy to show things that I may not normally wear as well as I am the one embodying the clothes.

Jarvis backstage. Image: Sonny Vandevelde.

ICON: What’s the one brand that the ICONIC stocks you always have on the go?

Jarvis: I love a good quirky shoe, so can’t say no to the Doc Martens on THE ICONIC.

ICON: For someone who had originally planned to be a tradie, was fashion an industry you always wanted to be working in?

Jarvis: So the plan was never to continue to do a trade, I was more so doing it as it corresponded to my uni degree at the time which was project management, so yeah I had always been fashion fashion was always my creative outlet so when I finally gathered the courage to start making TikToks and start expressing my creativity it was really a beautiful transition to something that I didn’t really like doing to something that I really enjoy doing.

ICON: Career highlight thus far?

Jarvis: There have been so many, the most recent Gucci Runway in Milan was definitely a huge highlight. When I was there watching, it totally captured me and the rest of the audience. Then suddenly when the panel came up and everyone realised it was twins, I realised in that moment how fortunate I am to be here, having these types of experiences and doing what I am doing.