We all have a fascination with space travel, and following through with his childhood lunar dreamworld is architect Kurt Hughes. Inspired by a visit he made with his daughter to the Seattle Museum of Flight, Hughes went on to create a micro-house depicting the the Apollo 11 spacecraft – the first ship to land on the moon.

Spanning over a space of only 23㎡ in a hexagon shape, the structure sits 9 feet from the ground supported by steel beams. A staircase offers access to the micro-house which encloses an open space illuminated by a large geodesic dome-shaped skylight. The space houses a basic kitchen, along with a bathroom, living room and bedroom that can sleep two people, downstairs. In addition, there is an outside terrace, providing a space that looks onto the the banks of the Columbia River.

Committing to the interior aesthetic, the exterior facades also depict what looks like a spacecraft. Wonder what the neighbours think?