Innovative technology within the fashion industry is more apparent than ever. From updating retail experiences, to wearable technology like smartwatches flooding the market, brands are looking at ways to update the way we view fashion. Leading the charge with brands like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger has just launched its first line of smart clothes.

Titled “Tommy Jeans Xplore”, the American company has utilised Bluetooth to create built-in smart tags connected to the company’s iOS app, to provide “prizes and unique experiences” to buyers. Creating a “micro-community of brand ambassadors”, the technology has been designed to track customers movements so that the brand can see just how often and under what circumstances people are choosing to wear its clothes.

Applied to a 23-piece collection, the capsule includes everything from a series of t-shirts and sweatshirts, to baseball caps and denim jackets. Users can connect their clothing to the Tommy Jeans Xplore app, and earn points that can be put towards concert tickets, product discounts, charity donations and more.

While the technology does have some merit, many customers have raised concerns regarding privacy. Essentially a way to monitor its customers every move whilst wearing the clothing, people aren’t impressed, taking to Twitter to express their thoughts. One user said: “Here comes smart clothing nobody asked for,” and another added, “This may the craziest fashion trend since light up sneakers.”

Currently only available in the US, the collection is priced between, $29 to $139 USD. Stay tuned for any updates regarding its roll out to Australia.