Credit: Instagram @sahelebembury

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Apple had created a line of limited-edition merch for its employees and after the revival of the nostalgic era, rare items have begun to resurface. After a pair of original Apple sneakers were found in a garage sale two years ago, the mysterious silhouette has been recreated for Italian fashion house, Versace.

With the OG sneakers acquired by Heritage Auctions starting at a cool $30,000, you can see why the industry is keen to appropriate the look. Taking to Instagram, Versace’s head sneaker designer Salehe Bembury teased a reboot of the famous style, complete with rainbow namesake branding. Simply captioned with, “A wise man once said nothing at all,” the details around the new design remain a mystery.

With no further comments made from Bembury or Versace, it is not known whether the ’80s remake is a one-off prototype or will see larger roll out to consumers. In an infamous era of the “dad sneaker”, the hype around the design is building.

The original Apple sneakers. Credit: Heritage Auctions

“We believe they [the original sneakers] were a pair of prototype sneakers made for Apple in the late 1980s or early ’90s,” says Hertiage Auction’s Director of Modern and Contemporary Art Leon Benrimon. “We believe there were only two pairs made, and the other pair was from the Apple archives. The pair we have are what we believe is the only known private pair.”

In the meantime, if you still want to get your hands on the OG pair, the Heritage Auction website states they are still available. Stay tuned for more details on the mystery Versace sneakers.