Credit: Instagram @teslamotors

In America, there has been an outcry from health professionals for life saving personal protection equipment and ICU ventilators. In late-March following donations and retooling from the likes of LVMH, Polo Ralph Lauren and Prada, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk announced he would reopen New York warehouses to send out 250,000 N95 masks as well as dedicate its resources to creating ventilators for hospitals and intensive care units.

The automotive giant has since released a video revealing the engineering behind the technology, where car parts are being repurposed.

The new video comes after Forbes revealed that previous ventilators donated by the company were in fact the wrong type, and instead assisted people with breathing difficulties at home and sleep apnoea. Musk took to Twitter days before to reveal Tesla had “extra FDA-approved ventilators”.

We hope the next batch of ventilators are the correct ones.