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Common Projects (CP) is known for designing fresh, current footwear. The company rolls out new looks for men, women and children every season. In addition to offering one of the freshest footwear rosters in the industry, CP also rolls out accessories ranging from wallets to backpacks. There’s no denying that this company has captured lightning in a bottle with its sneakers. People around the world have fallen in love with the basic and simple aesthetic offered by CP footwear.

Why Common Projects Sneakers Are So Expensive

You already know that shoes made by CP cost a pretty penny if you’ve been shopping around recently. Most sneaker styles by CP retail for around $400 but there are a few reasons why CP shoes are so expensive. It’s obvious that part of the cost simply comes down to buzz. This is a hyped brand at the moment, however, you aren’t just paying to be part of a trend when you purchase a pair of CP sneakers. The brand actually uses Italian leather to create its shoes. What’s more, each pair is stitched by hand.

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How CP Shoes Are Made

One of the reasons why CP footwear has been embraced around the world is the fact that the brand shuns the low-quality factory production that is used by most mainstream brands today. Every CP shoe is made in a footwear factory in the Marche region of Italy. The hands that are making these shoes really know how to create quality products and in fact, the factory that currently produces CP shoes exclusively produced leather dress shoes before switching to CP shoes.

The Fit of CP Footwear

Are you wondering how CP shoes fit? It’s important to know that CP only produces shoes in full sizes. The sizing chart for CP footwear will impact your choice when you decide which size to go with. CP shoes offer a large fit so you should always go down a size if you typically wear a half size.

Uncommon Shoes With Uncommon Quality

Are you shopping for CP shoes? Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay extra if you want Italian-made quality on your feet. It’s also important to remember that this brand runs large when it comes to sizing.

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