Transforming a material for everyday use into something innovative and revolutionary. The Dutch Fiction Factorysucceeded ,  examining the corrugated cardboard used in the common packaging and demonstrating its use as a building material.
The result is called Wikkelhouse , a sustainable architecture entirely made of cardboard, designed to last 50 to 100 years.
To guarantee the solidity of this modular mini house are the 24 layers of cardboard, pressed and held together by an ecological glue, and finally covered with a waterproof and breathable film, and wooden strips.
The modularity of the structure allows space optimization and a high rate of interior customization. It starts from basic modules of 1.2 meters each, which assembled increase the floor area of ​​5 square meters, giving life to minimal solutions up to more spacious environments, depending on the housing needs.
Beside the complete recyclability of the materials, another interesting feature is the speed of assembly: it takes only two days to complete the structure, without the need for a foundation.
The basic model of  Wikkelhouse consists of 3 modules and has a cost of 25 thousand euro that grows proportionally according to the configuration. Currently Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, England and Denmark are available. To be able to install one in Italy it will be necessary to wait for 2017.