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With growing concerns over the state of our planet, the watch over our resources is more apparent than ever. While in a desperate bid to do our part, we recycle, compost, reuse and limit our use of resources, we often forget about the clothes on our back and how they add to our dire situation.

It is already known that particularly fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to landfill, but what about the fabrics? In recent years, it has been discovered that tiny man made fibres have the ability to leech into our oceans and kill the wildlife. What you may not have known is how easy it is to do the swap.

From May 20 to May 26, The Woolmark Company’s Wool Week returns with David Jones to champion the best wool just in time for our looming winter. Merino wool is one of Australia’s most important exports and makes up 90 percent of the world’s fine wool, and the upcoming week will shine the spotlight on the tens of thousands of Australian woolgrowing families who produce it. So why splurge?

creature of comfort

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It’s safe to say that wool is damn comfortable. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, woollen apparel and home goods are resistant to stains, odour and wrinkles which means less washing. Win!

Land not the lab

Good news for shopping addicts, Australian wool is a natural resource, that’s entirely renewable, biodegradable and releases nutrients back into the earth. Did we mention it is one of the most reused and recyclable fibres in the global apparel industry?

Cut it with flair

Let’s be honest, wool knits and fabrics look damn good. Adding to its appeal, the fibre is incredibly versatile so cutting a look head-to-toe with killer flair is easy.

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“We are proud to be taking part in the David Jones Wool Week campaign, as everything we do at bassike starts with beautiful, ethically sourced fabric. We consider sustainability, practicality and wearability key to our design, and wool on its own is a natural, renewable fibre with low environmental impact. Wool is perfect for the Australian trans-seasonal way of dressing, and it features in a number of key pieces from our current AW19 collection,” Deborah Sams, Bassike Co-founder and Creative Director told ICON.

Taking to the Nundle Woollen Mill in NSW – one of the first wool-producing areas in Australia and one of the last mills in the country – The Woolmark Company joined forces with David Jones for dedicated campaign. Check it out below and visit David Jones from next week to shop the looks.