Whether you were around for the 1980 Lamborghini Countach or if you’re a follower of luxury cars, you know that this is a big deal. And if you’re looking to add to your collection, then empty your wallet because another high-profile model is up for grabs.

The car that defined the automotive industry of the ’80s is one of the most iconic vehicles of our time. From the bold design elements to brilliant engineering, Swiss Lamborghini dealer Max Bobnar was onto something huge.

Bobnar had built two Twin Turbo Countach prototypes in the ’80s. One remains in the Lamborghini collection, housed in Germany while the second, a red metallic Body LP400 S, was purchased by Curated.

The company, which dedicates its time to bringing investors and their collectables together had come across the car in a storage facility inside Nevada. After over 8 months of negotiation, the car was sold to the company where they hope to continue telling the story of the historic piece.

In 1982, Bonbar had reportedly hired a Lamborghini-technician Franz Albert to customise and turn the two cars into rare collectables. The Countach can only be described as a time-capsule,  with each element including the original interior, Pirelli P7R tires, original racing seatbelts, and the same paint work all in immaculate condition.

To learn more about the model and its possible sale, visit the Curated website.

Cover Image: Curated.com