It takes a pretty disciplined person to be a regular runner, so adding these simple skin and body-savers to your routine should be a breeze – but pay off in spades too, especially when the temperature drops outside and you’re exercising in the chill. Here are the five essentials every running man should stock up on:

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1. A good moisturiser with SPF
Of all the products that come in handy to keen runners, a good moisturiser is probably the most vital.  The face is, in fact, the part of the body most exposed to the sun’s rays and temperature changes, so it makes sense to protect it with moisturisers, and nutrients enriched with hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils, and most importantly, a sunscreen which products the face while you run, even on cloudy days.

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2. An easy lip balm 
Unlike the rest of the skin on your face, your lips have no natural defense barrier. As a result, they need constant protection. Put a stick in the pocket of your racing jacket so it’s always at hand to guard against chafe too. Opt for a lip balm rich in emollient substances such as honey, shea butter, and vitamin E, able to protect them from wind and atmospheric agents, then slather on at least three times a day or every hour if you’re exercising outdoors.

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3. An effective facial scrub
Another essential product for anyone who runs regularly: use it once a week to help to get rid of dead cells and help the skin’s oxygenation. After running in particular, it helps rid the skin of sebum and sweat, which can clog the pores and spark breakouts of pimples and blackheads.

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4. A therapeutic massage oil

Useful as all oils are for skin, it’s best to pick one that also deals with post-run muscle pain too. Choose a product with calendula or arnica, both plants with anti-inflammatory properties, and rub it on shoulders, knees, thighs, and calves to alleviate discomfort and reduce muscle pain and stiffness, and to facilitate the recovery process.

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5. Anti-stress bath salts
A warm bath is ideal for relaxing muscles and reducing aches. To boost its efficacy, just add salts to the water as they also contain relaxing and moisturising substances for the skin as well. There some great commercial and luxury brands available, but basic Epsom salts or even common kitchen salt will do the trick.