Jordi Canudas crafts these Marset lamps that are made one by one in six colours and come in two sizes

The designer Jordi Canudas (Barcelona, ​​1975) knows how to play with matter and, in particular, with painting. His Dipping Light, now produced by the Catalan manufacturer Marset, is an author’s lamp that has a strong scientific foundation : a lit bulb is submerged several times in paint and, with each dive, concentric circles are drawn that trap the light, attenuating the intensity. Thus, it is the painting itself that functions as a screen, with its textures and its shades ranging from green to amber. A brass stand is the only thing shared by these unique specimens. The rest works like magic.

Canudas treasures an upward trajectory in the world of design thanks to pieces that, like this lamp, make clean and simple gestures sophisticated. His portfolio has pieces of furniture (a system of shelves whose pieces fit together like a construction game), but lighting has always been his main focus. Hence it was only a matter of time before he collaborated with Marset, the Spanish company that possibly best knows how to speak to avant-garde design without forgetting the end customer for the product. With this Dipping Light, their paths cross for the first time. And all things point to a long journey together.