Call it a sign of the times – as much a balm for the soul as it is a last ditch plea for attention in the face of the unerring bombardment of images, good and bad, that give shape to our days – but there’s something to be said for finding the colour in everything.

Even the most cursory glance at the Instagram feeds of the design savvy confirms as much: in the age of maximalism, bolder is certainly better in design as in fashion, food, fame and the public forum. How then do you stand out, when suddenly standing out seems, well, rather in?

If one were to look to the world of Hermès for an answer, the secret might be found in the house’s single-minded devotion to excellence of craft in all things. For evidence of as much, you needn’t look further than the French maison’s new collections for the home in 2018-2019, presented recently as part of the Milan International Furniture Fair, or Salone del Mobile. At the Museo della Permanente, the deputy artistic directors for Hermès Maison, Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry, crafted a design lover’s warren of seven cavernous salons. Each of varying heights and sizes, the pavilion’s shimmering walls were lined with 150,000 vividly coloured Moroccan Zellige tiles. Therein, the maison presented its collection, encompassing objects, home textiles, furniture, furnishing fabrics and wallpaper – highlights from which appear above.

A new porcelain dinner service was also unveiled in another tiled pavilion, the visitors’ café. The tablewares collection, a Walk In The Garden, saw the brand reunite with the Irish artist Nigel Peake, with whom they have worked on a variety of projects since 2009 and whose palette of nasturtium oranges and greens, buttercup yellow and royal blue was used to realize the titular garden’s vegetation and charming lattices in brilliant colour. Here’s hoping the future is as bright as Hermès would us believe – that dreamcatcher may come in handy yet.

Tile and cover image: Courtesy of Hermès