No one elevates the concept of casualwear in an Australian manner quite as well as Bassike. Their blend of skate, surf and resort inspired elements tackles the hybrid lifestyles many of us lead with a simplicity that’s, well, pretty darn comfortable.

With less fanfare than usual collections, their Pre-Collection 2022 indicates the brand is continuing to bring this informed sense of leisure into the current year with them, while addressing the most fundamental nature of clothing: why do you need to wear it, and where?

Bassike Pre Collection 2022. Image: Bassike.

“This season is about utility and wearability,” says Bassike co-founder and creative director Deborah Sams. “I have redesigned classic shapes with interesting details, with a focus on fabrications and quality. The palette is tonal to allow for easy styling and layering, with colour introduced by our more seasonal organic cotton jersey styles.”

The collection is a revising of core essentials, familiar silhouettes tweaked via colour and fit to accommodate needs in a style-sensitive manner. T-shirts, overshirts, trousers – the codes are familiar but the treatment gives it a sense of relaxed modernity.

Bassike Pre Collection 2022. Image: Bassike.

“There is always an element of casualness inherent in all our collections,” explains Sams. “I try to design pieces that are useful and that make sense in man’s wardrobe. Everything I design has the signature Bassike details and slouch, with beautiful fabrications that allow the collection to be worn dressed up or down – the concept of high-low has always been part of the Bassike DNA.”

One strand of the Bassike DNA that has brought the collection together is the re-emphasis of denim in the men’s department. Once a staple featuring Bassike’s slouched silhouette, denim seemed to disappear off the radar as the brand gravitated towards a more beachside aesthetic of linens and cotton.

Bassike Pre Collection 2022. Image: Bassike.

To see it coming back is an exciting prospect, especially knowing the consideration that goes into the choice of fabrics to craft a more durable, comfort-focused pair of jeans designed to be worn every day.

“Most of our denim collection is handmade by third-generation artisans in Southern Japan, a district prized for its premium denim,” Sams tells ICON. “Due to the distinctive processes unique to this area, we can harness hand-customisation techniques and specialist treatments to create our signature bassike washes. Our heritage denim silhouettes are designed to be universal fits; to be worn by all.

“We are proud to have recently transitioned our denim fabrication from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to GOTS certified organic cotton as part of our on-going sustainability commitment. We use only non-toxic natural indigo dye and process our denim in a state-of-the-art system that repurposes waste and recycles water.”

Bassike Pre Collection 2022. Image: Bassike.

The sustainable ideal is something that Bassike has been championing for years, and is implicit in every aspect of their designs. Especially in cashmere and wool, which is the standout fibre in this season.

“I love the versatility of knitwear garments, as you can play with a range of fibres and blends, weight, and gauge. Designing menswear, I lean towards cottons and merino wools, and other lightweight yarns, as men tend to be a lot warmer than women and don’t really like heavy knits!

“Our cashmere is ethically sourced from a Good Cashmere Standard certified supplier, whose vertical operation ensures full transparency from field to final garment. All Bassike woollen knitwear garments use non-mulesed wool to ensure the ethical treatment of animals.”