US brand Carhartt WIP is known for its tough workwear and streetwear and after being in the apparel game for over 120 years, the company is turning to publishing in the form of a magazine, entitled ‘WIP’. According to the brand, the magazine “seeks to highlight those who exist within the Carhartt WIP universe, and explore their practices and processes.”

“Carhartt WIP is kind of a blank canvas for subcultures,” says Calum Gordon, Editor of the brand’s new WIP magazine. “Skateboarding, club culture, hip hop, art, high fashion – it pops up everywhere and means something different to those in their respective scenes,” he says. “We wanted to create a magazine that explores the cultures where the brand has found a following. And to kind of bring it all together to create something representative of the world Carhartt WIP inhabits.”

In its first issue, Carhart focuses on the work of artist and photographer Julian Klincewicz, who spoke with art curator Ligaya Salazar on themes of “pop culture as a medium for art and the importance of not working”. The new issue also sees works and articles from a range of contributors including, London photographer Joyce NG, skater Dennis Lynn, architect and writer Jack Self as well as the 1UP graffiti artists from Berlin.

“Nearly all of the content is, in some way, related to Carhartt WIP’s DNA, whether it’s through skateboarding or graffiti or music,” Gordon says.

The new magazine is now available from Carhartt WIP stores – get an insight into the mag below.