The coworking space founded by Crew Collective in Montreal, in the former headquarters of a bank – Credits: Crew Collective

Co-working has become a very popular mode of business operation in recent years with multi-national company WeWork leading the pack in design and function.

Co-working is an intelligent response to the current precarious conditions linked to the labour market: it intercepts the fast pace of the freelancer, urgency of the startup and has a shared space to drive creative exchange, even amongst different disciplines and career types. Given the current economies, co-working seems to be a safe option to dimension new forms of business given the traditional office operations are constantly being rethought.

In this context we introduce Crew Collective, a Canadian startup founded in 2012 that has created a unique co-working space: built on the ground floor of the neoclassical building of the Royal Bank Tower in Montreal, rebuilt in 2010.

Built in 1928 by architects Edward York and Philip Sawyer, it stands at 360 St-Jacques and with its 22 floors spread over 121 meters, it has been the tallest Canadian skyscraper for some time now.

The rebuild involved the architect Henri Cleinge, who preserved the structure’s DNA. The ceilings are high and are decorated with arches, opulent chandeliers and marble and bronze details that create a warm atmospheric light – a far cry from the neon lights that illuminate the traditional “normal” office.