Announced last Wednesday, Canada is now the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalise the recreational use of Marijuana, throughout the entire country. Actioned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Cannabis Bill will come into effect on October 17 of this year.

The legalisation of weed was a platform for the Trudeau campaign, with the hope to keep cannabis out of the hands of children and to prevent criminals from making profit.

The Cannabis Bill will allow adults over the age of 18 to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis on them in public, and able to share it if they would like, the CNN reports. Families are also able to grow up to four plants at home with which they can make edible. Weed must be purchased through government-regulated dispensaries and is prohibited to be sold along side alcohol and tobacco products.

Any recreational use of weed before October 17 will still be deemed illegal, as is driving under the influence. This is set to allow time to adjust Canadian laws for DUI’s as well as gives territories and provinces time to enforce regimes and strategies.