Credit: Instagram @blonded

Frank Ocean and his personal life has always remained elusive throughout the rapper’s music career, and after keeping his Instagram private since 2017, the artist has finally opened the lid. With fans waking over the weekend to his public profile, his account has amassed over 800,000 followers in a matter of days – but that’s not the only interesting thing we noticed.

After a lengthy scroll through the 12 months of Ocean’s social media life, we’ve learned many things about his personality – his knack for the odd selfie, love of modern art and crude sense of humour – but none had us more shook than his epic street style.

With his first public post being a shirtless mirror selfie captioned, “Welcome,” a short scroll later reveals his playful and adventurous side through yellow puffer jackets, tulle skirts and dapper formal-wear, all while boasting his own collection of fresh kicks. Ocean’s fanatics of glitter and rhinestones is also apparent throughout his page, and his appreciation for design is revealed through his runway and red carpet posts, often dedicated to other designers and celebrities. With just this accumulating in the past year, we’re keen to see what else he has under his sleeve (or more appropriately, over it).

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