Travel in caravans ranging from seriously basic to the sublime has been something of a national pass time in America for decades. But there’s something very special about this alternative offering.

A group of American students has created a startup sees them rent small mobile homes in breathtaking locations far from the city. Called Getaway, it was created by Millennial Housing Lab, a Harvard Innovation Lab project founded by Harvard Business School student Jon Staff, and Harvard Law School student Pete Davis.

Nothing unusual in the idea of escaping the city for mother nature in a motor home, true. But the peculiarity here is that the destination remains a mystery until practically the last moment. The map coordinates to reach the mobile home is communicated via an email usually 48 or 24 hours before the stay. The idea is that surprise adds to the adventure and amps-up the fun in the escape.


All seven cabins currently in use are located in rural areas about two hours drive from New York and Boston and are moved from time to time by the Getaway team.

Each is a rustic and manicured space, but without frills, and little bigger than a school bus. They can accommodate up to four people and are equipped with everything you’ll need accommodation-wise: beds, bed linen, shower, towels, stove, firewood, food, and a barbecue. More importantly, they allow you to carve out space far from everyday urban chaos.

“With Getaway you’re just a click away from a short stay in your little private house in the woods, close enough to get away in a moment but far enough to guarantee a refreshing break,” announces a claim on the project’s website.

So if novelty’s your thing, or nature, or ideally both, then any trip planned close to either of these destinations might just deserve a little last minute destination roulette in a high-luxe, low-key wooden Getaway motorhome. Energy boost guaranteed.