Its hard to believe that just two decades ago, the age of internet as we know it now was born. In a time of dial-up internet, minesweeper and floppy disks, search engine Google had come to fruition and after fast-forwarding to 2018, it is still premier to anything like it.

Yesterday, the tech company celebrated its 20th birthday and to mark the occasion, they have given us a glimpse into where it all began. Created in September 1998, Standford grads Larry Page and Sergey Brin began renting a garage from a friend to work on a search algorithm. Intrigued by the internet and how everything was linked, the pair launched Google.

In remembrance and celebration of the historic milestone, Google has set up a replica of the garage which can be viewed on Street View.  A step back in time, you can view the entire garage which houses the old-school desktop and tower, as well as a tour around the whole house featuring ’90s decor and nostalgic tech.

The corporation has also designed a new interface, created interactive search analytics and a video which can viewed below.

Here’s to another 20 years of our favourite search engine.