In a world where almost all of our personal information is stored online,  it’s no surprise that Google does the same, including everything you’ve typed in the search bar. But what you might not know, is that Google is always listening.

The way it works is every time you say “OK Google” or use the microphone function when searching on the internet, the software will record and store what you’ve said. Creepy right?! Although this is simply used for search history and to improve Google’s voice recognition, fortunately you can access and delete these files.

To do this visit your “My History” tab on your google account and go to the Voice & Audio tab. You will be able to listen, delete and change your setting so your recording are not stored again. Don’t worry if you really sound like that, just hit delete.

There has also been suggestions that Apple’s “Siri” and other similar software is also recording what users say, but at this time there is no way of knowing if this is factual and if it is even possible to delete these files.