During an interview with CNN, Donald Trump’s former physician Harold Bornstein has revealed that the then-candidate had written his own letter, stating that his health was “astonishingly excellent”.

In 2015, Mr Bornstein had written a letter of endorsement for Trump’s health, allegedly stated in his professional opinion, however we have since learned that this wasn’t even his assertion. “[Mr Trump] dictated the letter and I would tell him what he couldn’t put in there,” he said.

The letter contained statements that the candidate has no forms of cancer, no joint surgery and the “healthiest individual ever elected to presidency”. At this time the White House has failed to comment. The full letter is below:

“To Whom My Concern:

I have been the personal physician of Mr Donald J. Trump since 1980. His previous physician was my father, Dr Jacob Bornstein. Over the past 39 years, I am pleased to report that Mr Trump has had no significant medical problems. Mr Trump has had a recent complete medical examination that showed only positive results. Actually, his blood pressure, 110/65, and laboratory test results were astonishingly excellent.

Over the past twelve months, he has lost at least fifteen pounds, Mr Trump takes 81 mg of aspirin daily and a low dose of a statin. His PSA test score is 0.15 (very low). His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.

Mr Trump has suffered no form of cancer, has never had a hip, knee or shoulder replacement or any other orthopaedic surgery. His only surgery was an appendectomy at age ten. His cardiovascular status is excellent. He has no history of ever using alcohol or tobacco products.

If elected, Mr Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Not surprisingly, at the time Trump took to social media to boast his results – “I am fortunate to have been blessed with great genes.” After a few weeks of the release of the letter, Trump also describes his health as “perfection” on Twitter.

There are speculations as to why Bornstein has chosen to come out now about the letter but it is known that Trump had a three-hour examination in January this year for a mental health test.

Mr Bornstein also went into detail about a ‘raid’ that occurred in 2017, after Trump’s bodyguards confiscated his medical records from the doctor’s office.

The physician talked about the confusion and disturbance it created for him. “They must have been here for 25 or 30 minutes, it created a lot of chaos,” Mr Bornstein told NBC News, and added that the incident made him feel “raped, frightened and sad”. Trump’s medical records, charts and photos were all taken from the office. This was the result of an article that was published by the New York Times in which Mr Bornstein said he prescribed Trump with Propecia, an anti-baldness drug.

Later on, the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders insisted that the ‘raid’ was merely “standard procedure”, and the documents were required for the White House Medial Unit.

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